Mikiyavoo's (sonyericsson W900i)

Thursday, May 14, 2009


Rakesh Vanamali 10:31 AM  

Superb! Loved this shot! Quite explains as curious as a cat!

Gulfu 11:46 AM  

Thank you Rakesh..........:)

martin 12:19 PM  

you got some nice cats at home.. nice one dude

Ashwathy 9:57 PM  

omg...truly adorable! :-) lovely shot

zoya thomas 2:38 PM  

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A journey called Life 6:45 AM  

so cute.. u really have a way withthe camera..reinforces my beleif that all nice shots are not necessarily results of being shot on some really expensive and pro cameras

Raj Niranjan Das 5:43 PM  

awesome blog dude..keep clicking..!!

nintendo dsi r4 4:42 PM  

Got this phone, amazing style, free tv until January, mp3 player.... but not good battery...

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